Games Expo preparation

Posted: May 25, 2010 in actual play, conventions, Dead of Night
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In a fortnight’s time it’s Games Expo, one of the UK’s best conventions. I’ll be there as part of the Collective Endeavour for the fourth year, debuting Dead of Night second edition. I’m also running a game of it but the automated booking system shows that games are filling up fast. There are still slots available in the following Collective Endeavour games (including mine), all run by the designers themselves:

Ends & Means (Covenant), run by Matt Machell at 10am on the Saturday

Unhallowed (Dead of Night), run by me at 3pm on the Saturday

Hell 4 Leather, run by Joe J Prince at 3pm on the Saturday

The Fir Tofa (Carnage Amongst the Tribes), run by Gregor Hutton at 10am on the Sunday

To sign up for games, head to the Games Expo booking page. If you’d like to know more about the games listed above, then you can have a look here.

Some of our games are already signed up: Umlaut: Game of Metal by Rich Stokes, When Richard Met Horatio (Duty & Honour/Beat to Quarters) by Neil Gow, and Victory Girls (Hot War) by Malcolm Craig are all now full.

Hopefully see some of you in a few weeks.

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