Note: with every print copy ordered, you get a copy of the PDF free. A link to your free PDF will be sent to you within 24 hours of you placing an order.

Lost Days of Memories & Madness

I’m temporarily out of stock on print copies – it is available from all good roleplaying shops, including the most excellent Leisure Games, who will post a copy to you.

The PDF version is available to buy from RPGNow here.

Dead of Night

The Dead of Night print + PDF bundle is available direct from me (see below) or from Indie Press Revolution.

UK Customers – Dead of Night (print) – £17.50 (including postage)

Worldwide Customers – Dead of Night (print) – £20.00 (including postage)

Dead of Night (PDF) – £7.00/$10

Available from RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.

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    • Thomas Lind says:

      Hi! If I buy the printed book and have it shipped to Denmark, will I have to pay customs etc. or will all such extras be covered in the paid postage? Sincere regards – Thomas

      • andrewkenrick says:

        As far as we know books are exempt from import tarrifs to the EU, so you shouldn’t be charged any extra.

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  5. frithkin says:

    Just out of curiosity how much is shipping to Australia for a dead of night print copy ?

    • andrewkenrick says:

      According to Royal Mail, surface mail (6 weeks) costs £5.00. Air mail (1 week) costs only a little more – £8.00. You can drop me a line at andrewkenrick AT gmail DOT com if you have any more questions about international orders.

  6. RedNacz says:

    Do you still ship DoN?

  7. Sune Nødskou says:

    Hi Andres!

    I just bought your Dead of Night (2nd edition) through a Danish retailer, and would very much like the PDF as well. How can I prove my purchase?

    • andrewkenrick says:

      Hi Sune – best way is to just to email me a pic of the book and I’ll sort you out with a PDF copy. I’m andrewkenrick AT gmail DOT com

      • Julie says:

        Hey, I was one of the original play testers (though have long since changed my name) and was wondering if you cats were still around doing this as I was just thumbing through my original run copy. Just wanted to drop and say I’m happy to see things still going and I hope you continue to do well long into the future!

      • andrewkenrick says:

        Thanks Julie! Yes we’re still here and still playing Dead of Night 🙂

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