What storytellers can learn from story games

Posted: July 26, 2011 in conventions, design, games, storytelling
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Next Tuesday I’ve been given the honour of kicking off Sheffield-based investigative storytellers Overlap’s pilot season of events, where I’ll be giving a talk on what storytellers can learn from story games. I’m equal parts excited and terrified, as I’ve never done anything like this before yet it’s a great opportunity to talk to an audience about something (relatively) new yet fascinating.

I’ll be talking about what story games and roleplaying games are and how they’re a form of storytelling in their own right. I’ll be looking at a variety of different games, showcasing just how wide a range of topics they address, from the world of boxing in Contenders to child soldiers in Grey Ranks. And I’ll also be talking about some of the techniques used in story games, such as series creation in Primetime Adventures and situation creation in Fiasco, and what storytellers in other mediums can learn.

I do hope people will be intrigued enough to come along! Here are the details for anyone in the Sheffield area next week. And for those of you who can’t make it, I’m sure there’ll be a variety of multimedia online soon after.

  1. We’re delighted to have you Andrew!

    Regarding online stuff for those unfortunate enough not to live in (or near) Sheffield, we’ll be tweeting live from the event using the hashtag #overlap, there’ll be a report and photos after (as well as possibly the slides?) plus you’ve already been kind enough to record an interview which we’ll be transcribing for the Overlap website, as well, possibly as a podcast.

    Rob Overlap

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