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In the appendix to Dead of Night, I present a selected mediography to the game, a sample of just some of the horror movies that I watched and books that I read when writing the second edition of the game. The movies presented in the mediography are those that I felt were most representative of the feel of the game, a whistle-stop tour of the influences and touchstones that give a reasonably good impression of how I envision a typical game.

In actual fact, this list was just the tip of the iceberg, for I must have watched scores of horror movies during the two or three years that Dead of Night was gestating. Most of these came from Scott Dorward’s big bag of DVDs, which he turned up with one Conception, and I must confess that there were some movies within the bag that even I could not face.

As I promised a complete mediography of influences and references in the back of Dead of Night, here it is in its entirety: