Art Preview: Unhallowed

Posted: April 5, 2010 in artwork, Dead of Night
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I made passing reference in my post about running Unhallowed that it was inspired by Paul Bourne’s illustration. Rather than leave the illustration to your imagination, I’ll post it up here. The game is about ready (it goes to Paul for layout) in a couple of weeks and the art is all in, so I thought it a good time to start showing it off in all its glory.

I had quite a strong concept for the art when I started chatting about it with Paul – I wanted each of the ten illustrations to be a fake movie poster, complete with credits and critical acclaim. Paul took this idea and ran with it, delivering a series of posters that absolutely blew me away. Each could be for a real movie, and I’d pay good money to see each of them at the cinema (or at the very least, on straight-to-video DVD).

Right, without further ado, the movie poster for Unhallowed is behind the cut. I’ll be posting up more illustrations, as well as the stunning cover, over the next few weeks.

We’re toying with the idea of turning the posters into a set of promo postcards too, so keep your eyes posted for more about them as we work out the details.

  1. Brennan Taylor says:

    This is incredible. Great stuff! I’m excited to see more.

    • andrewkenrick says:

      Cheers Brennan, glad you like it. This is just the tip of the iceberg! I’m planning on posting the cover up next, probably at the end of the week or start of next.

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