Art Preview: Dead of Night Cover

Posted: April 12, 2010 in artwork, Dead of Night
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With last week’s preview of Unhallowed, you should have a taster of the style and look of the interior art. This week I thought it time to unveil the front cover, again by Paul. The cover of the first edition, by Eric Lofgren, was a really distinctive image, depicting a pack of werewolves tearing apart a victim.

When approaching the cover for the second edition, I wanted to capture some of the imagery of the first edition, so I asked Paul to “put a werewolf on it”. No doubt this caused some howling and gnashing of teeth (no pun intended), as Paul explained to me, “Fur can be a pain to render.”

Well, as you’ll see from the finished results, it was worth the wait for me… and hopefully the pain for Paul!

Also, revealed in an almost off-hand way, notice the new logo.

  1. I really dig this man.

  2. Iain McAllister says:

    Fantastic sir! Really evocative and love the new logo.

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