The Mist and other fine tragedies

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Dead of Night
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My good friend and Dead of Night contributor, James Mullen (he of the excellent Cold Fusion scenario in the second edition book and of a guest post on running a Dead of Night campaign on this very site) has started a new website, Groundhoggoth, which he describes as a “lair of good games.”

Amongst the many homebrewed micro games (many of them quite delicious) and scenarios is James’ pseudo-LARP Dead of Night scenario inspired by the The Mist. Now, whilst I’ve not had the pleasure of playing the scenario for myself, I’ve heard many a scare story about it so can recommend purely on that basis.

And whilst you’re over at James’ site, make sure you check out some of his other games – I particularly recommend Never to Die, which is best described as a “chav dungeon crawl.” Need I say more.

  1. Ben says:

    Having played this Mist scenario at Conception 2010 I can highly recommend it to all.

    • andrewkenrick says:

      How did it go? I’ve not had the chance to try it yet, but hopefully James will run it next Conception (hint hint).

  2. James Mullen says:

    The two problems are that 1) I don’t like running the same scenario again at the same convention and 2) we almost set off a terror alert last time. I’m tempted to do another pseudo-LARP, so the same style but a different story, but that still leaves Problem 2!

  3. James Mullen says:

    It was my crazy pseudo-LARP idea, which caused someone to approah the bar/kitchen staff over the course of 5-10 minutes and ask this series of questions:
    “Are your stoves gas or electric?”
    “What happens to the gas if the power goes out, does it switch off automatically?”
    “Where are the fire extinguishers?”

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