Dead of Night downloads

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Dead of Night, downloads
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I’ve added a Downloads site to the website where you can find, it may surprise you to learn, all the various downloads that are scattered around the site – previews of games, character sheets and so forth.

Not terribly exciting in itself, but I’ve also added three new downloads: a blank character sheet that can be edited, and complete pre-gen character sheets for Dust and Unhallowed, two of the scenarios from Dead of Night second ed.

So with pre-gens in hand, Dust and Unhallowed should be runnable at the drop of a metaphorical hat. Fancy that.

  1. Pete Figtree says:

    I am really enjoying reading DEAD OF NIGHT. Expect a blog post about it when I run it at the school gaming club that I sponsor. Thanks for the awesome.

    • andrewkenrick says:

      Hey Pete, did you ever get a chance to run Dead of Night at your school group? I’d sure be interested in hearing about it if you did!

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