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So Dead of Night has been out for a little over a month now, and thoughts have turned to the inevitable question: what next? Of course there are countless other games on the go, including a couple that will surface sooner rather than later, but that’s not really what’s being asked. It’s what’s next for Dead of Night.

Well, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of it, as I have. Quite a bit. In the final stages of Dead of Night’s writing, both James and Scott suggested the same idea, which I’d also been mulling over – a book of scenarios.


Well, Dead of Night has been out a little over a month now, so this seemed to be a good point to pause and take stock of how the launch went. It seemed to go down well at Games Expo, leaving me with only a couple of books left at the end of the con. I think my last minute panic about not having enough stock proved to be unwarranted, so I’m glad I didn’t fast-track any extra books like I briefly considered.

Print sales are steady enough that I can comfortably handle posting them myself, but books should be on sale at IPR in the States in the next few weeks, and I’ll be glad that I won’t have to fulfil many more to the US. Unlike the first edition, I’ve made a digital download available too, and that’s been a huge success. I’m not sure if it’s folk recognising the name when it pops up on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG, or whether it’s just Paul’s great cover drawing them in.


Hot on the heels of Monday’s release of the PDF version of Dead of Night, I’m pleased to announce that the print copies are now in. For the time being, they’re only available to buy direct from me – you can see a new “Shop” link at the top of the page, and from there a “Buy Now” button. The price is £15 and the link includes £2.50 postage.

Buying a print copy also gets you  a copy of the PDF – if you supply your email address when you buy it I’ll send you a link for the PDF shortly afterwards. You can, of course, still buy the PDF separately.

The book will, sooner or later, be available from IPR if those of you stateside want to wait for it to be available there.

Well, the deed is done. Dead of Night has been sent to print. All being well, the first copies should be with me in a couple of weeks time. If they’re OK, I’ll print more. I’m taking the first print run to Games Expo in three weeks time, after which I’ll put it up for order direct from me. If you’re patient and can wait a few more weeks, there’ll be copies at Indie Press Revolution, which should make the postage cheaper for those of you not in Europe and the UK.

The book clocked in at 186 pages in the end – a good 96 pages longer than I was expecting, and almost as thick as first edition. Not too shabby considering 1st edition was physically half the size. The new edition is a good deal prettier too – I’ll post up some previews of the interior design over the next week or so so you can see Paul’s handiwork for yourself.

In the meantime, here’s a look at another of my favourite pieces of art – Path Lab.


One of the key design considerations with Dead of Night II was the physical size of the finished book. What size and format should it be printed in? Is this something designers normally consider? I don’t know, but with  Dead of Night it’s a real biggie (no pun intended). For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dead of Night, the the first edition book was truly pocket-sized – about 4 inches x 5 inches, if I recall correctly.

This was a great gimmick – hell, I’m the first to admit to the fact that when I started writing it, that was all there was to the game – and worked wonders at grabbing people’s attention when it was sitting on the stall at a convention. The end result is achieved, the book is in the hands of the punter and half the battle is won. Great, surely?